The Employers Consultative Association of Trinidad and Tobago (ECA) wishes to congratulate the newly inaugurated President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Her Excellency Paula Mae Weekes. Indeed, the installation of the country’s first female head of state is not only a testament to the progress and maturity of our society but, it is also a reflection of the strength of our democracy and our nation. Moreover, it sends a clear message that anyone, man or woman, boy or girl, can accomplish their dreams and aspirations with the requisite work, dedication and consistent effort as envisioned by our forefathers and encapsulated in our nation’s watchwords.

Despite the perception of the Office of the President is simply a figurehead, constrained by the Constitution, the President sent a clear message in her inaugural address to the nation that she is willing to be a change agent. This is indeed heartening as it demonstrates a leader who understands the plight of our citizenry and is committed to finding solutions for the many ills facing our beloved nation. She further invited citizens to also be a part of the solution. Clearly, the President understands what needs to be done, but more importantly, it is the “how” that will get us to where we need to be.

The President alluded to this by articulating that we must start at home by instilling discipline and more importantly, modelling good behaviour. This will inevitably produce children and young adults that are committed to learning, development and production. The salient point is that we must understand the power of our individual spheres of influence and commit to putting country first, above all else, with dialogue and discourse in a collective effort to chart our course to a brighter tomorrow. Quite naturally, this example must begin with our leaders, in all spheres of life.

“The journey begins with self and the power resides in each and every one of us!”

The ECA wishes to reiterate its commitment to this effort and to those of our new President in pursuing with honour and excellence the Trinidad and Tobago we know we can become.


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