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Innovative and relevant training solutions for individuals, teams and organsations.

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The Training and Development Solutions Centre focuses on increasing the competitiveness of your business by improving the quality and skills of your human capital.  It’s all about gaining a competitive advantage and continuous training is an important tool for improving the performance and productivity of your staff by ensuring that they have the right skills to meet the needs of your business and the ever-changing marketplace.

Improved delivery ultimately depends on enabled, engaged and capable people. The Human Resources Solution Centre is here to assist with your company’s most important asset – your people!  Whether you are a Human Resource Specialist within a multi-national corporation, a Human Resource Manager or Generalist at a mid-sized company, or an Owner/Manager of a small business or startup venture, you will find that our solutions can fit all of your needs.

Through the promotion of the principles and practices of good industrial relations the Industrial Relations Solutions Centre is geared towards resolving workplace conflict among Employers and Workers.