The Employers Consultative Association of Trinidad and Tobago (ECA), wishes to advise all Employers of the importance of following established legislation with regard to time-off for employees on official holidays. Public Holidays are authorised by law and limits work or official business on those dates. Therefore, all Government Offices, Banks and most businesses are closed on Public Holidays in Trinidad and Tobago.

With regard to the upcoming Christmas Holiday (Sunday 25th December, 2016) and Boxing Day (Monday 26th December, 2016), it should be noted that according to the Public Holidays & Festivals Act Chapter 19:05, Act 10 of 1872, Amended by 104/2002, Section 3 (2):

“where a public holiday falls on a Sunday or where two (2) holidays fall on the same day, the next following day that (apart from this subsection) is not a public holiday, shall be a public holiday”.

As a consequence, since official holidays fall on Sunday 25th December and Monday 26th December, it should be noted that Tuesday 27th December, 2016 will also be a public holiday.

Following this legislation, and as a result of the New Year’s Day holiday on Sunday 1st January, 2017, employers should note that Monday 2nd January, 2017 will be a public holiday.

Apart from this, any unscheduled absences or time-off taken by employees should be treated in accordance with existing company policies and established practices.

Employers are advised to take cognizance of this and be prepared to treat with it accordingly. For further information, kindly contact the ECA at 675-9388.