Training & Development

The Training & Development Solutions Centre focuses on increasing the competitiveness of your business by improving the quality and skills of your employees.  Training can improve the performance and productivity of your staff and ensure they have the skills that your business needs to gain competitive advantage.

At the Solutions Centre we currently conduct National Training and In-House Training in addition to the programmes offered by our Academy of Industrial Relations  Trinidad and Tobago.


Our goal is to offer you the best training possible by ensuring you have:

  • Friendly Training Coordinators
  • Experienced Facilitators
  • Topics that are Current
  • Individual Attention
  • Feedback and Follow-up
  • Networking Opportunities at Every Session


Experience training conducted where you want, when you want and how you want.  We provide  customized  training  sessions at your facility, at your convenience and by experienced professionals known for their expertise.


At the Academy you can attain a:

  • Certificate in Industrial Relations Management
  • Certificate in Labour Laws in Trinidad and Tobago
  • Diploma in Labour Laws in Trinidad and Tobago


The Employers Solution Centre is collaborating with Knowledge Works ,the Authorised Caribbean Distributor of Harvard Business Publishings to present two new training offerings.

The Successful New Manager Webinar Series enables new and aspiring managers to develop their management skills, confidence and effectiveness - while performing their jobs - with training that's integrated into their day-to-day workflow. Based on Harvard's Stepping Up to Management online course, this blended learning program puts managers on the right track so they can be effective and successful much quicker than is normal. This program is delivered through 8 interactive online webinars.(Based on a module from the Award winning Harvard  ManageMentor)

The Management Skills Development Series - The training provides guidance to mangers in developing skill and confidence in key competencies .Three competencies lie at the heart of the most effective managers.These are Communicating, Performance Management and Leadership. In response to the gaps most identified by direct reports and Learning and Development Managers. (Based on Harvard's Stepping Up to Management online course)

To contact the Training Department please call 675-5873, 638-6463, 638-9394, 675-9388, 674-2368, fax numbers 675-4866, 675-6026
or email a company representative