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Writing Key Performance Indicators for Line Managers and Supervisors Monday 28 November 2022 09:00am 12:00pm

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Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are vital for understanding whether an individual, team, department and, by extension, the organisation is on the right track. The right set of indicators will shine a light on performance and highlight areas that need attention. It is often said, "What gets measured gets done", so without the right KPIs, managers and supervisors can find themselves sailing blindly. Effective leaders should be aware of the performance of all critical dimensions within their respective departments or portfolios, even distilling it down to a specific individual or team.



This intensive programme will demystify KPI’s while enhancing the ability of line managers and supervisors to develop and write accurate, compelling and concise KPI's for their team members.



Participants will learn about..

  • Types of Performance Indicators
  • Linking the organisation's mission, vision and strategy to KPIs
  • Determining SMART KPIs for a team member
  • How to spot problems within a KPI
  • Activity: Writing KPIs - Behavioural and performance
  • Circumstances that will trigger a re-examination of KPIs, e.g., COVID-19, sickness etc.
  • How to discuss KPIs with a team member

Date: November 28, 2022 | Time: 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Cost (per person): $800.00 plus vat (ECA Members) | $1,200.00 plus vat (Non-Members)

For further details please contact:
Training Department
Ms Laura Rosales | ext. 246 |
Ms Shantala Reece-Whiteman | ext. 248 |
1(868) 675-5873/9388

Drafting Employment Contracts for Line Managers and Supervisors: Imperatives for Reducing Risk and Safeguarding the Organisation Tuesday 29 November 2022 08:30am 12:30pm

Image Employment Contracts

Employment contracts for management-level professionals should encapsulate key clauses that protect the organisation while being able to withstand legal scrutiny and reduce ambiguity. With the continuous evolution of employment relationships and the emergence of new forms of work, it is imperative that business owners, directors, HR and IR professionals and legal officers carefully consider and cater for current and future risks to the organisation.

Participants in this practical programme will take a deep dive in this area and examine key clauses that should be considered or included in every employment contract for senior managers and supervisors. The session will also discuss their intent, and how they protect the organisation as a going concern.



  • Required features of a sound contract
  • The consequences of a poorly constructed contract
  • New and revised clauses: termination, morality, fraternisation, force majeure, hardship, non-compete, intellectual property, anti-corruption and bribery clauses etc.
  • Considerations when drafting contracts for Expats
  • Practical Exercise

Date: November 29th, 2022 | Time: 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Cost (per person): $1,100.00 plus vat (ECA Members) | $1,500.00 plus vat (Non-Members)


For further details please contact:
Training Department
Ms Laura Rosales | ext. 246 |
Ms Shantala Reece-Whiteman | ext. 248 |
1(868) 675-5873/9388

The A-Z of An Effective Performance Appraisal Meeting Thursday 01 December 2022 09:00am 12:00pm

Use for performance appraisal programme

One thing that all successful yearly performance appraisal meetings have in common is that planning, and preparation are crucial components of the process. It is not enough for managers and supervisors to simply fill out the employee evaluation form and schedule a meeting; instead, they must take the time to carefully prepare for the meeting, accurately assess their employees' performance, actively engage with the appraisee and provide helpful feedback. It is also critical that the rating and comments must be in alignment in order to avoid legal entanglements.



In this interactive programme, we will build the line management's ability and skill to conduct meaningful and drama-free appraisal meetings from start to finish.



Participants will learn about...

  • Their role and responsibility in the appraisal process as the line management
  • Preparing for the appraisal meeting the do's and don'ts
  • Common IR pitfalls experienced in the performance process and how to avoid them
  • Creative ways to engage your team member in the appraisal process
  • How to discuss performance achievements and transgressions
  • Handling with criticism, opposition and negativity as line management
  • Activity: Conduct an appraisal meeting


Date: December 1, 2022 | Time: 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Cost (per person): $795.00 plus vat (ECA Members) | $1,070.00 plus vat (Non-Members)

For further details please contact:
Training Department
Ms Laura Rosales | ext. 246 |
Ms Shantala Reece-Whiteman | ext. 248 |
1(868) 675-5873/9388

Termination on the Grounds of Ill Health & Medical Boarding: Understanding the Process Tuesday 06 December 2022 10:00am 03:00pm


Ill Health

When it comes to termination on the grounds of medical issues, employers are often plagued with a number of fundamental and procedural errors that can be very costly. This programme will demystify these issues and provide critical insights and information on the termination of employment due to illness as well as how employers should approach and manage medical boarding, should the need arise. 






Participants will learn about...

  • Guiding principles and key considerations regarding termination, early retirement, and retrenchment of an ill employee
  • What non-medical factors should be considered, if any?
  • Termination vs early retirement on medical grounds
  • The "termination" process: From diagnosis to final decision
  • Timelines to be considered and their impact on a successful and legally defensible separation






Participants will learn about...

  • Sickness absence Vs. injury absence
  • Permanent Partial Disability (PPD)
  • Permanent Total Disability (PTD)
  • Pension Plans and Medical Boarding
  • The Workmen's Compensation Act
  • The Rights, Responsibilities, and duties of the employer and the employee

Date: December 6, 2022 | Time: 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Cost (per person): $970.00 plus vat (ECA Members) | $1,420.00 plus vat (Non-Members)

Prices Valid until 25/11/22

For further details please contact:
Training Department
Ms Laura Rosales | ext. 246 |
Ms Shantala Reece-Whiteman | ext. 248 |
1(868) 675-5873/9388

Academy of Industrial Relations Saturday 04 March 2023 Saturday 27 May 2023

Academy Image Banner

These intensive and internationally accredited, 11-week programmes will provide relevant, practical training in the following areas:

Advanced Certificate in Industrial Relations Management in Trinidad and Tobago (EduQual Level 3)

This programme will provide a foundational understanding of the principles and practices of good Industrial Relations and provide the tools to correctly interpret, understand and apply the laws governing the Industrial Relations system in Trinidad and Tobago. Participants will be exposed to principles related to effectively managing workplace issues such as grievances, collective bargaining, employment contracts and dealing with trade unions.

Pre-requisites: None
Price: $3,995.00 plus VAT

Download ACIRM at a Glance


Advanced Certificate in Labour Laws in Trinidad and Tobago (EduQual Level 3)

This course will analyse relevant labour laws governing Industrial Relations/Human Resource Management and Labour Relations in Trinidad and Tobago. Participants will gain important insights for understanding, interpreting and applying these laws in their respective organisations or to various employment issues such as industrial action, employment contracts and other labour-related matters.

Pre-requisites:  None
Price: $3,995.00 plus VAT

Download ACLL at a Glance


Professional Certificate in Labour Laws in Trinidad and Tobago (EduQual Level 4)

This course is an advanced study of the practical application of labour laws in T&T. Participants will become proficient in handling real-world matters relating to drafting essential documents, resolving disputes, understanding Court protocol and preparing for and appearing before the Industrial Court.

Pre-requisites: Persons should be able to demonstrate prior studies in labour law, for example, the ESC's Certificate in Labour Law, or other equivalent experience in labour law and industrial relations. Attorneys-at-Law can also gain entry to this Course.
Price: $5,995.00 plus VAT

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