To be the Premier Employer’s Representative


To advance employers’ interest for the creation of optimum sustainable value for all stakeholders through effective advocacy, leadership and superior service


To provide employers with quality representation at the organisational, national and international levels in order to ensure the strength and success of the employer community for the socio-economic wellbeing of the nation

About Us

The Employers Consultative Association (ECA) was formed with 21 firms in 1960 primarily to enable employers to match the strength of the trade union organisations, which had grown into well-organised powerful institutions since their establishment in the 1930’s. Since then, the ECA has built a strong reputation for handling all issues concerning Employers in Trinidad and Tobago and today, the ECA is still a not-for-profit enterprise whose membership grows yearly and includes companies that belong to a variety of sectors and industries.

The ECA is a representative body whose board comprises professionals from its member organisations. Representation however, is not confined to a voice on a board, as the ECA, unlike similar umbrella bodies, adopts a hands-on approach in dealing with its membership as an advisor and consultant. The ECA’s focus is on collaboration with companies through the process of partnering with interest groups concerned - internally facilitating the cooperation of employers and employees, and externally through the tripartism of the main interest groups: employers, labour and government.

As an umbrella organisation and social partner representing "employers" in Trinidad and Tobago, the ECA has forged a prominent place for itself and is actively involved in developing and strengthening relationships at both the macro and micro levels.