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Why are Employers Organisations Important?

Employers’ organisations represent the interests of business as they relate to labour and social policy at the national and international levels.   They play a role in shaping a supportive environment for competitive, sustainable enterprises, which are essential for economic and social development.
They provide services that improve and guide the individual performance of enterprises which include:

• Promoting employee management cooperation;
• Linking wages with productivity; and
• Developing women entrepreneurship in the small and medium industries.

Employers’ organisations also play a critical role in any social dialogue process and help to ensure that national, social and economic objectives are properly and effectively formulated.   They take into account the needs of the business and promote sound economic development.

The Employers’ Consultative Association of Trinidad and Tobago (ECA) is the only officially recognised Employers’ Organisation in Trinidad and Tobago that deals with Industrial Relations and Labour issues. Its vision is to be the Premier Employers Representative.