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Allegations: Avoiding Unnecessary IR Implications Thursday 14 September 2017 08:30am Friday 15 September 2017 03:30pm

This programme will provide the tools needed to protect yourself and your company from litigation.


Topics Include

  • Managing difficult conversations, poor performance, transfers, retrenchment, demotions, investigations and disciplinary proceedings
  • Abuse of power vs insubordination
  • How to safeguard yourself against claims of harassment and bullying
  • Managing emotions and using authentic communication to avoid accusations, resentment and distrust
  • Commonly misunderstood terms that can aggravate an already volatile situation: misconduct, disrespectful and unprofessional behaviour, poor work ethic etc.
  • Simulation exercises


Target Audience

CEO's, Executive Directors, Managers, HR Practitioners and Supervisors


Cost: $2,495.00 plus vat (Members)

For further details please contact:
Mrs. Sherri Belfon
1(868) 675-5873 Ext 230

Business Process Management Tuesday 19 September 2017 08:30am Wednesday 20 September 2017 03:30pm

Learn how business processes can help you improve your company's bottom line by providing a higher level or quality and consistency for your customers.


Topics Include

  • The fundamentals of business process management
  • Reflecting on processes
  • The vision phase
  • The modeling phase
  • The monitoring phase (including the introduction to the balance scorecard and business activity monitoring)
  • Defining business process management
  • The business process life cycle
  • The design phase (including process mapping)
  • The execution phase
  • The optimising phase (including an introduction to Lean and Six Sigma methods)


Facilitator: Marcia Cliffin

Cost: $2,995.00 plus vat (Members)

Early bird discount for payment made before August 19, 2017

For further details please contact:
Mrs. Sherri Belfon
1(868) 675-5873 Ext 230

Retirement and Pension Administration Tuesday 26 September 2017 09:00am Wednesday 27 September 2017 03:00pm


Upon completion participants should be able to:

  1. Analyse, define and manage pensions and retirement process and administration
  2. Calculate various pension and retirement scenarios


Topics to be Covered - Day 1

  • Broad overview of Pension Plans in Trinidad and Tobago
  • Regulatory rules governing pension plans
  • Defined Benefits Plan vs Defined Contribution Plan
    • Leavers (resignations/terminations)
  • Calculation of available options (not vested) and Calculation of available options (vested)
    • Early retirement
    • Normal retirement
  • Calculation of option for full commuted value
    • Benefit projection calculations
    • Death benefit
    • Pensions statements
    • Trinidad and Tobago's aging population and implications for your pension plans, annuities and medical premiums


Topics to be Covered - Day 2

  • Terminal vs Retirement Benefits
  • Addressing IR issues of retirement, age discrimination and succession planning
  • What every retirement letter should look like
  • Writing your policy on the retirement age
  • No pension plan, No annuity...what should Employers do?
  • Re-employing retired persons: NIB implications and IR considerations


Cost: $1,895.00 plus vat (Members) | $2,700.00 plus vat (non-Members)

For further details please contact:
Mrs. Sherri Belfon
1(868) 675-5873 Ext 230

Leveraging the EPA for Business Growth Friday 29 September 2017 01:00pm 04:00pm


The Economic Partnership Agreement is an instrument of trade partnership between CARIFORUM (CARICOM and the Dominican Republic) and the European Union (EU) for Trade in Goods, Services and Trade Related Issues and Investments.



Topics to be Covered:

  • Overview of the EPA
  • Benefits of the EPA
  • Market survey findings on opportunities in the EU
  • Lessons from the “Fit 4 Europe” project
  • Real-life success stories
  • Overview of Export Financing options


Cost: $550.00 vat inclusive (Members) | $700.00 vat inclusive (non-members)

Limited Space Available!

For further details please contact:
Mr. Ronald Ramlogan, Ms. Nillie Singh, Ms. Raisa Mohammed,,,
1(868) 675-5873 Ext 242, 225, 226