Mrs. Suzetta Ali

Mrs. Suzetta Ali, Chairman of the ECA

Employers’ Consultative Association of Trinidad and Tobago (ECA) congratulates and salutes Mrs. Suzetta Ali as the Chairman of the ECA’s Board of Directors for the new term 2014-2016.

Joycelyn Francois-Opadeyi

Mrs. Joycelyn Francois-Opadeyi, CEO of the ECA

The Employers Consultative Association (ECA) welcomed its new Chief Executive Officer Mrs. Joycelyn Francois-Opadeyi as the incumbent Executive Director, Ms. Linda Besson, retired at the end of June 2015, after nearly two decades of leading the ECA.

L-R: ECA's CEO with Survey Winner, Meera Persad-Mohammed of R&C Enterprises Ltd.

Absenteeism is a common and persistent evil that has plagued Employers in all sectors in Trinidad and Tobago for many years. Not only is it a disruptive phenomenon, but an extremely costly one. The Employers Consultative Association (ECA) is taking a fresh approach to finding practical, workable solutions at its Absenteeism Conference on October 29th and 30th to be held at the Hilton Trinidad and Conference Centre.

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